Top 5 Smart Home Features for Travelers

Did I remember to lock the back door? How will I get the package I was expecting?

Did I leave my TV on?

If you’re a frequent traveler or ever go away for work or vacation, you’ve probably experienced the stress of leaving your home unattended and asked yourself these type of questions at some point of your trip.

Eliminate the stress while away with Advanced Alarm Systems smart home security application.

Here are the top 5 most useful smart home security features for travelers:

1. Access and Control your home from any device.

Smart home security system allows your to connect all of your smart home devices in one app and it works with your smartphone, laptop, and smartwatch.

Leave behind worrying about an unlocked door or garage. You can view live video stream, adjust your smart thermostat, arm and disarm the alarm, review notifications of any unexpected activities and so much more all from one app.

2. Be home when you’re not home.

Smart doorbell camera will send you a notification any time someone approaches the doorstep. Even better you can talk to them too.

Waiting for a package? Now you can see the delivery driver, talk to him and give instructions on where to leave the package or even unlock the door to let him leave it inside the house/garage and lock the door back.

This smart home feature not provides convenience, but also adds an extra layer of security and can scare away a potential intruder.

3. Smart locks for smarter security.

Smart locks add security and convenience to your home, especially if you’re a traveler.

Forget about hiding a spare key outside or making extra copies for family members or neighbor who water your plants or look after your pet. Smart locks allow you to create personalized codes that can be set up to give access only for a period of time you’re away.

4. Smart lights to make it look like you’re home.

Thieves often look out for houses that stay dark into the nights as it’s a clear sign that someone is away. Installing smart lights can give your home that lived in appearance.

Smart home security app allows you to schedule for the lights to go on and off at a certain time in different areas of the house to match your regular routine.

5. 24/7 professional monitoring for complete peace of mind.

Being able to control your house from miles away is great, but what if you’re not available to check your phone or simply don’t have internet connection? In case your security system is triggered or your smart smoke detector sends an alert, the monitoring center will notify you and dispatch appropriate emergency personnel to your house if needed.

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