15 Most Common Home Security Mistakes You Must Avoid

Home security is the issue that you should address before a criminal makes you do so. Each year 2.5 million home burglaries are reported in the United States. This means every 13 seconds a break in is committed.

Don’t become a part of the statistics and check if your current safety procedures are well planned and see if you’re making any of these 15 common home security mistakes.

1. Leaving your doors and windows unlocked

The unlocked front door is by far the most common mistake made by people resulting in a burglary. More than half of criminals enter homes through an open door, 30% break in through an open window.

Studies show that one in four homeowners doesn't lock their front door during the day and it gives burglars easy way to get in an out in no time.

2. Hiding a spare key outside

Are you one of those people who hide keys under the doormat/ fake rock, flower pot/ etc? Bad guys are well aware of all of the common hiding spots.

Don’t make this mistake and consider a smart lock.

Key-less entry is not only convenient but also more secure. Set up individual codes for every member of your family, assign special codes for the cleaning crew or dog walker and get alerts of any activity. Always know who and when enters your home.

3. Piled up mail

It’s very easy for a burglar to spot a vacant home by a pile of newspapers by the front door or an overflowing mailbox. It only takes a couple of minutes to put a hold on your mail online or over the phone. So if you’re planning to go away don’t forget to put it on your to-do list.

4. Leaving a ladder outside

It’s very common for people to forget a ladder laying in the backyard after doing some work outside or simply not locking a shed. A savvy thieve will easily access your house through the second-floor window or balcony door. Keep those locked at all time and think of installing additional window and door sensors to keep your house safe.

5. Unlocked garage door

Did you ever leave home and forget to lock your garage door?

Garages are often a place people store valuable tools and expensive bikes which are specifically targeted by burglars. Installing a smart garage door lock can solve this problem once and for all.

6. Relying on your dog

About 50% of burglars say they would try to stay away from houses with barking dogs. Which means 50% would still go in if they know the house is empty.

Dogs tend not to attack intruders and can even get hurt. Smart home security system can protect your property and your fur friends.

7. Announcing travel plans on social media

People just love announcing holiday/ weekend plans, posting vacation pics while out of town or simply share their location on social media.

Don’t underestimate the risk. Criminals often plan the burglary in advance and follow your social media accounts.

If you really want to share pics from your last vacay wait till you get back home.

8. Untrimmed Trees and Large Bushes close to the house

While greenery is a perfect way to protect your privacy from the neighbors it’s also an excellent hiding spot for criminals. Burglars specifically target homes with trees and bushes that grow thick around the front entrance or back of the house.

Keep your greenery trimmed and away from walls and windows.

Well maintained lawn also tells a thieve that the house is occupied and the owner pays attention to it.

9. Using static outdoor lights or not having outdoor lights altogether

Burglars love dark backyards and deep shades. Consider installing smart motion activated lights and outdoor security cameras. If lights don’t scare a thieve away, a smart outdoor camera will send you an alert of any suspicious activity on the property.

10. Installing Fake Cameras/ Security Equipment

Experienced burglars can easily tell the difference between fake and real security equipment.

11. Leaving empty boxes outside

Setting out boxes from your new gaming console, HDTV, drone, camera or other hi-tech gadgets on the curb is basically an announcement of what’s in your home. Don’t make your house an attractive target for a burglar and break down and cut up boxes before placing them in the trash.

12. Placing valuables in sight

In many cases, criminals do research before robbing a house. They may come as a new member of the cleaning service, plumber, garden worker, salesperson, or simply look through the window. Keep your valuables out of sight and definitely away from the front door.

13. Installing an alarm system panel in clear view

Many homeowners place their security panel by the front door where it can be visible through the window. It makes it easy for a burglar to see if the system is armed or not.

On the other hand, don’t place your security cameras in hidden spots. Make those visible at all time. It will scare away potential intruders.

14. Forgetting to arm your alarm system

Simply installing an alarm system won’t be enough if you forget to use it.

Don’t forget to arm your system at night, while you’re spending time on the pool or working in the garden.

Our Smart Home Security app allows you to arm your system anytime from any smart device. You can also connect your security system with geolocation services and it will be armed any time you leave home automatically.

15. Assuming Daytime is Safe

People tend to associate break-ins with the nighttime. While it’s true that burglars appreciate the darkness, they are much more likely to target a house when it’s empty. Which is during the day when everyone is at school and work.

There’s no need to be stressed or paranoid, while at work. But don’t forget to lock all of your windows, doors and arm your home security system even if you’re leaving to do some errands.

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