Home Automation

Experience Effortless Energy Management

Achieve real savings without sacrificing comfort with an Energy Management solution that automatically adjusts to your lifestyle. Anywhere, anytime control of lights and thermostats means that you can stop wasting energy and start taking control of your energy bills!

Climate & Ambiance Control

Easily customize schedules that work for you, or adjust lights and thermostats anytime through a single app so you can always come home to a comfortable environment. Our top-rated, easy to use mobile app puts your home in your hands.

A Smarter Thermostat

Integrating data from all the connected sensors in your home with external weather conditions and even your location can help your system optimize your home climate.

Intelligent Lighting

Set schedules to turn lights on and off at specific times or automatically at sunrise and sunset. Make it look like you’re home even when you’re away.

Measurable Results

Get real insight into your energy and see where you’re consuming the most. Then easily make changes that can have real impact on your bills.

Get more from your Smart Home

Save. Conserve. Customize.

  • Connect and control your lights and thermostats from anywhere

  • Customize light and thermostat schedules 

  • Use energy-saving templates to help reduce  your energy bills

  • Receive alerts when your thermostat settings change 

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